Errata: A feminist revision to Portuguese graphic design history

Exhibition co-curated with Olinda Martins
Museu do Cidade, Porto
August–October, 2021

Exhibition design by ID-AE Studio
Funded by Criatório 2020
Photography by Alexandre Delmar
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The first public exhibition of the Errata research project was on show at the Gabinete Grafico of Museu da Cidade in Porto from 27 August–24 October 2021.

Through collecting, documenting and displaying the works of Portuguese women graphic designers from throughout the twentieth century, the exhibition brought to the fore practitioners who have been overlooked by canonical design history.

By engaging with these objects, their stories and the contexts in which they were made, the exhibition both shone a light upon this undervalued section of design history, and also upon the mechanisms of industry, society and historiography which allowed these women to be forgotten.

The exhibition includes works by: Alda Rosa, Alice Rey Colaço, Ana Filipa Tainha, Ana Menezes, Assunção Cordovil, Cândida Teresa Ruivo, Cristina Reis, Fátima Rolo Duarte, Guida Ottolini, Judite Cília, Maria Keil, Né Santelmo, Ofélia Marques, Mily Possoz, Raquel Roque Gameiro, Rita Azevedo Gomes, Sarah Affonso